The Fort Pathwat This pathway links the Algar Waterfalls to the Fort of Bèrnia. Along the way, you will find some old plots, a cave which used to be a rest area and a  cattle corral. You will also find some explanatory panels in which the purposes of each place are displayed. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful view of the coastline, from Calpe to Alicante, as well as the view of the Aitana and Xortà mountains  along the way. On clear days, Ibiza island can be seen from the Fort of Bèrnia. The indigenous flora consist mainly of kermes oaks, palmettos, pine trees, esparto grass, thorny brooms, etc. The Fort of Bèrnia. The Fort of Bèrnia, was built in 1562 by the royal engineer Juan Bautista Antonelli. It was a magnificent and clear exponent of the military architecture in the Renaissance epoch. King Philip II of Spain ordered its construction to face the Ottoman incursions on the coast. In 1612, because of its  inefficiency and because it was far from the coast, it was demolished by order of Philip III of Spain. At the Fort you can still see the archs, the fosse, the bastion, the well and the wall remains. The wall measured 110 meters long and 110 meters wide. It has been considered as a Property of Cultural Interest since 1997. The explanatory panels show the ancient running and use of the Fort.  ································· Les Fonts d’Algar 2017